Minimalism in photography

For the last five years I have been trying to adapt a minimalist lifestyle. When I say trying, it is because minimalism is not a fixed goal. It is, to sound cliche, a state of mind. And the goal is not to own as little as possible, but to own just enough.
I also try to adapt this philosophy when it comes to photography. Both in the  amount of gear and in the actual images. But when it comes to photography, I find it harder to cut down to the bare minimum than it is with everything else.

Today I came across a little video by Belgian photographer Joris Hermans, who talks about how and why he keeps a minimalist mindset in photography. I think he has some great points and I will definitely try to keep them in mind.

Watch the video, and if you enjoy it, give Joris a like on YouTube or follow him on Instagram.

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