Industrial Leftovers

During the last couple of decades, the waterfront in Aalborg has been going through a lot of changes. The old industrial harbour has more or less dissappeared, but some constructions, like the crane-like structure here remains. Most likely to serve as a reminder of the citys past.
Taken with the Lensbaby Edge 35.


One of the few remaining Birch trees at the bog Portlandsmosen in Lille Vildmose.
The bog is being restored and as a result there is way to wet for the big trees to grow. They do not belong in a bog and most of them have been removed or died away. This one seems determined to hang in for a while longer.



This is one of those images.. Maybe you can relate? The moment I took it I immediately knew that liked it and wanted to use it.
I came home, processed it and queued it as one of the images I intended to eventually post. But it never happened. It was like every time I considered what to post this week, I decided on something else.
Today I was scrolling through the collection of images I have queued and decided that now was the time to do it.