Another Autumn

From time to time I like to do something other than the work I usually do.

I like to keep it simple, not simple as in easy to do, but simple as in without a lot of expensive, advanced equipment.

This time I set out to document the beauty of my favorite season: Autumn. To add further constraints, I added a deadline, a requirement for exactly 16 images that HAD to be in square format, taken with my iPhone and processed in Snapseed. Each image had to be treated in a similar way, so that they would fit together when done.

It was very fun to do this collection and I love each of these little imperfections. Hopefully you will too.
Ladies and gentlemen: Another Autumn

Making a Splash

One of the things I have been trying to “get right” for ages is the dynamic of the ocean and the waves, when you are at the beach. I think this is the closest I have been yet. I think part of the key is to imply motion in the pictures, without making it too abstract (and without getting soaked).