Old school

One of the many interesting old buildings in Aalborg, the old navigation school in Aalborg Vestby. For many years this building has been used by various political youth organizations.
Taken with the Lensbaby Edge 50

The Watcher and the Tower

I’ll be the first to admit that a 50mm Lensbaby Edge 50 is not the optimal wildlife lens.. ..but you have to work with what you have at hand. I was actually out trying to do something else than wildlife photography, when I saw a Cormorant drying its wings in the winter sun, on one of the foundations of the old railroad bridge in Aalborg. I quickly ran up on the new(er) bridge next to it to get the buildings on the other side of Limfjorden as a background. I then twisted and turned the Edge 50 to get the line of focus just right.. and then the bird turned its head.. perfect timing.. I ended up with a picture I really like.

Waterfront in low sun

It has been a while since I went for a walk with my Lensbaby Edge 50 by the waterfront in Aalborg. A bit sad actually, because I always seem to get home with something i like. This time it was these buildings on the other side of Limfjorden, being lighted by the afternoon sun, which is really low this time of the year. The light became even more dominant because heavy snow clouds were passing further North.
The Lensbaby Edge 50 has this ability to enhance this feeling of surrealism that I really like and even though it isn’t that dominant in this shot, I like the end result.