The Long John

Back when I was a kid you would use to see cargo bikes like these all over the city. Now they are mostly all gone.
In Denmark these cargo bikes are called Long Johns. Don’t know if that is a danish thing or if this is a common name for it in the English speaking world as well.

What is this?

Two months ago I announced that this would be less of a blog and more of a photography showcase.

Now I have followed through and changed the website from a site that were most af all centered around a blog to a site where the blog is a bit secondary.

I have said goodbye to and hello to WordPress.

Not everything is in place yet, but it will be and I already like the way i am able to show my pictures as galleries and collections in a beautiful way.

I still need to figure out exactly what the point is with this site, but at least now it can look pretty while I consider my options.