The Lighthouse

I visited the old lighthouse at Rubjerg Knude this summer. My first visit ,since it was moved 70 meters away from the coast line, as the sea is eating away the cliff which would eventually result in the lighthouse falling into the ocean.
Taken with my Lensbaby Edge 35.


I have passed this mural many times.. and taken pictures of it many times. I never seemed to get the look that I wanted. This day I came by, with a Lensbaby Sweet 50 mounted on my camera. I didn’t have any great expectations, but the result came out way more like how I wanted it than any of my previous attempts.

Warning, Danger

A Cinnabar moth caterpillar, climbing a Ragwort plant. Curiously enough, the Ragwort plant is more or less the only plant this caterpillar eats, but the plant is toxic to humans and livestock. By eating of the Ragwort plant, the caterpillar also becomes toxic.