New Towers pt. I

Aalborg has been changing a lot, especially in the last decade. The waterfront is one of the places that have changed the most, and even though I like to see how the city changes, I am not sure I am a big fan of these new, usually white towers that are being built everywhere.
Taken with my Lensbaby Edge 50, which seems to be made for these kind of shots.

Buzzing the Tower

An EH-101 Merlin of the RDAF flying low over one of the buildings along the waterfront in Aalborg.
I am a bit amazed that this picture actually came out as good as it did. I had only a few seconds to compose and manually focus my Lensbaby Edge 50 for this shot.

The Round Windows

I went for a walk to get some fresh air and to get of of the house for a short while. Home isolation is beginning to take it’s toll on me.
Staying away from crowds is no issue for me. I also try to avoid crowds anyway. And this was the perfect chance to take my Lensbaby Edge 50 out for some real-life trials.
I must admit I was blown away. The Edge 50 is so much fun to shoot with and I just instinctively knew how to twist and turn it, to get the look I wanted.