Santas Snow Globe

Covid-19 has really changed a lot of things, all over the world. Here in Denmark we are still living with with a lot of restrictions, making it a bit harder to get into the Christmas spirit. We still try to do what we can to get through the long dark winter while still respecting the restrictions and avoiding getting infected with the virus.
Here, in Aalborg Zoo, they have kept the annual Light festival, but Santa has been placed inside a giant Snow Globe. We wouldn’t want to see him fall ill during Christmas.

Morning Moose

One of the approximately only 25 moose that lives in Lille Vildmose. They can be a bit hard to find, as they are wild animals roaming free within the area and not zoo animals. But with a bit of luck and knowledge of their preferred areas and time of activity, it is possible to spot them. Here it is a big bull foraging in the morning mist, as the sun is rising behind. What a fantastic morning that was.