I wanted to try something new, so I have done something I don’t usually do. I bought a new lens.
A Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Edge 50 optics.
It is a fun little lens, that allows you to get really creative and really frustrated, because nailing the focus can be hard, when the focus plane is not behaving like you have become used to on a regular lens.

Minimalism in photography

For the last five years I have been trying to adapt a minimalist lifestyle. When I say trying, it is because minimalism is not a fixed goal. It is, to sound cliche, a state of mind. And the goal is not to own as little as possible, but to own just enough.
I also try to adapt this philosophy when it comes to photography. Both in the  amount of gear and in the actual images. But when it comes to photography, I find it harder to cut down to the bare minimum than it is with everything else.

Today I came across a little video by Belgian photographer Joris Hermans, who talks about how and why he keeps a minimalist mindset in photography. I think he has some great points and I will definitely try to keep them in mind.

Watch the video, and if you enjoy it, give Joris a like on YouTube or follow him on Instagram.

Freshly Baked Buns

Denmark is still on lockdown. We try to keep ourselves busy and keep up the spirit. And we enjoy having a bit more time for some of the things we don’t usually feel we have the time for. So, my wife and I teamed up. She baked some buns, and I took their picture…
…and then we ate ’em, 🙂

Red Vespa

I’m still isolated at home.
I have been looking through my big Lightroom catalog, looking at some of the pictures that ended in my “maybe” collection, containing pictures I might want to revisit at some point.
A lot of them just get binned, but some, like the Vespa here, finally get the treatment it deserved.
Even though most pictures in the “maybe” collection just gets binned, it is still fun to see images like this one, taken with my good old EOS 60d and the 24mm pancake.. I loved that combination.