X-Mas 2021

So.. Christmas time again.. And again this year, Christmas ended up being very far from the way I expected it. A positive Covid test prevented us from seeing our family, but of course we did all we could to keep up with the Christmas traditions, to give my daughter a wonderful Christmas. This Christmas ornament was a gift from her, and really meant something for me this year. (The text says “Most wonderful dad in the world” in Danish 🙂

I’ve reached a Milestone

Today, while uploading a picture to Flickr, I noticed that, for the first time, on of my images had reach the milestone of 10.000 views.

Even though this is probably nothing for some people, it is still amazing for me to think that 10.000 people have looked at this picture.

Run in the sun

Recently a herd of European Wisents (Bisons) were released into a huge area that is closed for the public. I were lucky enough to get on one of the limited guided tours, an on top of that, also got close enough to see the herd on grasslands within the area.