Eurasian Tree Sparrow Part II

I’ve been shooting with my R7 and the Tamron 150-600mm G2 for some years now, and even though I think I have gotten some decent shots with that combination, I have also found it to be really hard to get consistently sharp images with the Tamron, especially with a 1.4x extender attached. On my R6 using the extender would often be fine, but on the R7 I wasn’t impressed and ended up never using the extender. Still I didn’t get the image quality that I expected. So, I emptied the piggy bank and invested in the Canon RF 100-500mm L lens. Unfortunately it has been either dark, raining or snowing (or a combination of the above) more or less constantly since I bought it. But I did manage to take it out a couple of times and even though I still haven’t had decent light, I think this lens performs way better than the Tamron. Granted, it is more than twice as expensive, so better performance was to be expected but it still impressed me how much more sharpness I got.