Elf Concentration

Christmas is just around the corner and the traditional Christmas fair in Aalborg is packed with visitors.
This guy/elf is there every year to entertain the visitors. He’s a bit sarcastic and dry witted, but it is a good thing that not all entertainment around christmas is sugar coated.

This was the first chance to really test the EOS R at mixed low light environments. Overall it did great.
In most cases it were better and faster at acquiring focus compared to my 6D, or at least as good.
But I noticed that when it struggled it was more likely to just give up, where the 6D would keep at it and usually ended up hitting focus.
Still, the flexibility of the many many focus point, compared to the 11 (and in low light: 1) focus points of the 6D, means that I would prefer the R.

And who knows.. on the 6D I usually would focus/recompose..
If I did that on the R, maybe it would do even better?

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