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Canon EOS 6D mark II to be announced in two weeks

Back in the fall of 2015 I were looking for a replacement for my 60D and were considering my options. I could buy the 6D then and there, keep saving and buy the 5D mark III or wait for the 6D mark II. I ended up buying the 6D and a second hand 24-105 f/4 L and haven't looked back since. I bought it on a hunch that the 6D mark II would not be announced for a while. I were right...

Now, a year and a half later, the rumors seem to indicate that the 6D mark II might get finally be announced in two weeks time.

I look forward to reading the specs for the new camera. It seems to be a decent upgrade to the original 6D, and apparently it will fix the only major flaw of the original: the lack of a flip screen. My 60D had this and I used it a lot. After switching to the 6D it were the only thing I really missed.

It seems like a lot of people complain about the lack of 4K, but I think they misunderstand the 6D and the 6D mark II. They are a photographers camera, not a videographers camera. It is a simple no nonsense camera. To me it is not important at all and I wouldn't care if the 6D mark II didn't have video capabilities at all.

Will I be out buying the 6D mark II as soon as it is released? No, not likely. It's not that I am disappointed, it's more that I already have a nice camera, a camera that I know like the back of my hand, a camera that fits my needs.

I think it is a mistake to switch cameras all the time. I like knowing how my camera acts, how to operate it without thinking about it and its forces and weaknesses. 

Yes, having a 6D mark II would be awesome, but would it improve my pictures? Not likely. Well, except for the flip screen perhaps. Despite the bad reputation of the autofocus system of the 6D, it is very precise and very fast. I think most of the crap talk comes from Internet "experts" who hasn't ever tried the 6D.

I will, at least for a while stick to my 6D. It still has plenty of shots left in it and as the mark II is more an evolution than a revolution, there is now need to upgrade here and now. Maybe in a couple of years, or obviously if anything should happen to my camera. Or maybe I will skip the mark II and wait for the mark III.

Who knows.. maybe Canon will release a mirror less camera the size of a DSLR, with EF mount by that time. That would be interesting too.


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