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Step away from Mediocrity

I just heard of this almost magical camera gadget that seems to be the next big thing on Kick-Starter, Arsenal.

It is a gadget that can help you select the optimal camera settings, by analyzing the subject, light etc. and make you get perfect pictures every time.

Although I find the technology behind this gadget fascinating, I can't help thinking that this is yet another attempt to dumb it down.

Photography is, among many other things, a matter of learning a craft. Figuring out what works and what doesn't and to keep striving towards mastering the craft.

Perhaps this thingy can help beginners understand the craft better?
Personally, I would not use it, even if it could make life easier.

But that is just a personal choice. I WANT photography to be challenging. I want to feel stupid when I fail and I want to feel awesome when I succeed.

Using an add-on Superior-Auto Mode does not seem like the best way to challenge yourself.

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