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You don't have to shoot manual

I came across a couple of interesting discussions over at POTN recently. Essentially they were discussions about why fancy, expensive cameras that were targeting the enthusiast/pro segments had a "green box"/Auto setting, as the people that would be the potential users would know better and choose manual mode or Shutter/Aperture Priority and if they didn't they should by a more beginner-oriented camera.

In my book such a point of view is extremely elitist. You don't have to do anything because others say so when it comes to photography. You don't have to use manual just because you bought an expensive camera. You don't have to stick with a beginners camera because you prefer to shoot in Auto mode.

It's your camera. Use it and have fun!

If you are trying to perfect your composition and don't want to be bothered with all the technical stuff, then my all means go ahead and do so. Then, when you want to go beyond what is possible in Auto mode, I strongly encourage you to learn how to expose properly in full manual, and explore the differences between Aperture and Shutter priority to be able to better choose the right mode for the right situation.

But most of all, have fun doing so.

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