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It's not about the camera

Ever so often the various Photography Blogs and Photography News sites run an article about why Full Frame is the king of the camera, why Micro 4/3 is the future, why Medium Format is the shit or why an iPhone is all you need (PetaPixel, I'm looking at you)

Usually the articles result in a cascade of enthusiastic and/or angry fanboy comments and I don't have one moment of doubt that that is exactly what the editors wanted. These polarized articles are designed to split people up in Teams that are Pro/Con because that drives traffic to their sites.

But guess what?

It's not about the camera. Shot with a Medium Format Hasselblad if you want to (and can afford it) ..or an iPhone if that suits you better. All that matters is how you put your gear to good use and gets the most of it.

Now, I am not saying that gear doesn't matter. It does. But discussing which sensor format or camera system that rocks the most is like discussing whether a nailclipper or hedge trimmer is the best tool in the world.

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