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On working with collections

Back in January I started publishing the biggest body of work I had ever made, the Lo-Fi collection vol. 2. Now it is nearing its completion and soon I will return to a more regular flow where I post whatever I feel is the most interesting of the pictures I have prepared.

Posting large collections over a period is actually rather nice as it removes the pressure of always having to decide what to post next week, and when I started I were beginning to feel a bit in a rut. I didn't take any pictures. I didn't feel like being creative anymore.

So, while I had planned what to post for a long period of time, I could relax a bit and see what would make the creative spark ignite again.

instead of forcing my photographic creativity, I did other stuff. I read a lot. About minimalism, photography, science and history. I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 and played with an amazing emulator called RetroPie and played Chrono Trigger for many hours.

Along the way I started to feel interested in taking pictures again.

Now, when I started posting this collection back in January I wasn't really sure if I were going to get back into photography, and I don't think I am totally there yet, but I am getting closer. At the moment I think my biggest problem is figuring out what I want to express with my pictures. Maybe I should get back to this issue in another post soon.

The Lo-Fi collection is quite different from what I usually do, and I were a bit uncertain about what would happen when I started posting the pictures in the collection. Basically not much have happened. On Flickr I posted on a lot less groups than I used to do, because the pictures didn't really fit into the usual groups. Obviously this resulted in a lot less likes and views than I were used to. In the beginning this bothered me a bit, but along the way I found out I really didn't care much. 

I also lost some followers in the beginning, but then others started to follow me, and at the moment I have the same amount as I did at the beginning.

The fact that I had committed to posting a new part of the collection each week for 20 weeks also forced me to go through with it no matter how people reacted to it. I didn't have to worry much though. The feedback I have gotten has been very limited.

I think that when the final pictures has been posted I will stop posting to Facebook, as I don't really think anybody cares about my posts there. Instead I think I will be trying to focus solely on Flickr and this site. Luckily I am free to do so as I do not really need the exposure, and I am only doing this for fun.

If you haven't tried creating a collection of pictures that "fit" together, I can only recommed doing so. It forces you to work within the restrictions set by the theme of the collection, and your creativity will start to bloom. Especially if your theme is something that really inspires you.

The pictures in this post are part of my collection The Lo-Fi Collection vol. 2: Gritty and Grungy.

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