D-Noc Photography

World Press Photo 2017

The winners of the World Press Photo 2017 awards has just been announced.

Looking through the gallery of this years finalists, you find some very powerful images, each telling a story about people, in one way or another.

What strikes me after spending some time on each of these images, is how many of these images that are not ultra-sharp, noiseless, post-processed, sterile pictures.

Instead they are alive, moving and speaking.

I realize that photo journalism is a very specific genre, where you rarely have time to arrange the elements in your picture too much, but still (or maybe because of this) the photographers manage to put so much feeling into these pictures.

I admire each and every one of these pictures, and I think a lesson can be learned here:

"Make pictures that tell a story instead of pictures that are tack-sharp and boring"

Yes, it has been said a million times before, but perhaps it has been said so many times because it is the truth?

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