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Being introvert -New York style

I read this funny little piece on being introvert yesterday and I have to admit it made me giggle.

But at the same time I also have to admit that I can truly relate to most of the point the author raises. He is a bit on the extreme side in some cases (New York will do that to you I guess), but still I could see myself in much of the situations.

I think that on my work life I have learned to find workarounds to being introvert, or I push myself out of my comfort zone to get the job done, but when it comes to photography I still prefer to take pictures on my own, alone and without being disturbed by other people asking what I am doing or what camera I am using, and I guess that shows in my pictures. But still, I want to incorporate more humans into my pictures. Not that I want to do portraits, but more like people doing stuff or being important elements in a scene.

I guess the key is to push myself more out of my comfort zone like I do at work, but as photography is my safe place I think it will be hard for me to make it unsafe. But I think it needs to be done.

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