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Refueling your creativity

During a far to long period of time I have been struggling to find the creative spark that used to drive me in my never ending quest for the great image. It has been incredible frustrating and annoying and this time the creative drought seemed to last forever.

I read up on the problem to find some "cure" for my "disease" and read suggestions ranging from "buy new gear" to "limit yourself" or "read a book". All sound advise , but it didn't really do it for me and I seriously considered to stop trying.

But, instead of quitting, I decided to keep at it to try and see if I found a spark somewhere....

...nothing... ...crickets....

I still went out with my camera and I still tried, but I came home with very little pictures and I did nothing to finish them in Lightroom because I felt they were rubbish.

Meanwhile I started using my phone camera and Googles Snapseed to do something very different, much more artistic and very creative. It then dawned on me that my creative spark had returned albeit in a different shape. Nevertheless I soon had 20 images that I felt were special and very different from what I usually do.

I then started worrying less and began enjoying taking pictures again. I even went through the rather large backlog in my Lightroom catalog and found out that many of them were actually quite good.

To celebrate, and to give me time to work on some new ideas, I will start 2017 with the 20 different pictures. It will be quite a commitment. 20 weeks locked to this project, without knowing if people will love or hate it, but the people who are wise in such things all say that you grow as a creative person when you step out of your comfort zone, so here goes.. well, actually not "here" but from January 2017.

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