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The Smartphone Revolution

I read this interesting piece by Randall Armor over at PetaPixel today.

I agree with most of his argument, but I think his arguments are a bit simplified.

Smartphone cameras are getting better all the time, but that doesn't mean the end of "real cameras"..

..at least not yet.
As long as the lens on a smartphone camera can't be replaced with another of a different focal length or even a zoom lens, the real camera will still have a very big advantage.
I am not saying that smartphone cameras are useless... far from it, but being able to change lenses to fit your need is a major advantage of e.g. a DSLR.

Also, even though they have become much better the last few years, the sensors are very very small and that makes almost every smartphone camera suck big time in low light environments.

With time I am sure both the interchangeable lens issue and the noise issues will be sorted out and I am also quite sure that at some point "real cameras" will be a niche at best.

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