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A struggle I know

I just read this essay by Stephanie Vozza about turning of the TV, in my Pocket, which I would recommend reading, even though it isn't photography related.

I am not really much of a TV watching person myself and can go for days without turning on the TV, but I have noticed, just as Stephanie Vozza describes, that once you actually do so, it is very addictive and very hard to turn off again.

Still, I try to keep my TV watching habits in check, for two main reasons: first of all because I think most of the nonsense that are shown on TV is a total waste of time. Second, I already struggle to find time for all the things I want to do. Go out and take photos, read books, post process photos and so on. 

With all these activities constantly crying for my attention, it really wouldn't make much sense to spend two or three hours of TV.

But it is a struggle, especially when I am tired or if something catches my attention when my wife is watching TV.

Still I try to keep the time wasted at an absolute minimum, and when I succeed I am always amazed how little I am missing and how calm I feel inside.

To me, that shows that it is a struggle worth continuing and even though I have relapses from time to time I am still striving for less and less time wasted in front of the TV.

If you too struggle to find precious time slots in your spare time, maybe you should try turning the TV of as well? Maybe try it for a week or two and see how you like it.

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