D-Noc Photography

Record (Lo-Fi Vol. II, 1/20)

Back in 2015 I released a collection of images with only one thing in common: they were all taken with a smartphone and processed in Snapseed. Other than that they didn't really have much in common.
Since then I have continued to take pictures with my smartphone and process them in Snapseed, but this time trying to make them all kinda "fit" as part of a collection, being more "gritty" and "Lo-Fi
By the end of November 2016 I were finally so close to being satisfied that I decided that I would release this collection.
It is a bit different from what I usually do, but I think I needed to try something else for a while.
So.. this is the 1st of 20 pictures in my collection "The Lo-Fi Collection Vol. II: Gritty and grungy.


Rope on boat

Smedekroen after dark

One of the old pubs in Aalborg. I think it has been there all my life, at least as far as I recall.
I came by on a rainy evening where the lights were reflected in the wet streets and the city really seemed to be alive somehow.

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