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A couple of custom bicycles, from Recycleshop.dk, who came by at the The Wolfs MC's annual gathering.

Foggy Morning at Burger King

I went for a walk in the fog only early morning. There wasn't much activity on the streets at that time of day, which really enhanced the feeling of being alone in the fog...

Rafiki on Ice

I took the family to see Disney on Ice a while ago. On such occasions, the primary thing is the family experience, so I do not haul my regular camera along with me. Instead I use a Powershot G16, which time and time again proves to be a very capable camera.

It shoots RAW and handles high ISO reasonably well and has support for full manual mode.

The rangefinder isn't worth mentioning though.. ..oh wait.. I just did, didn't I?

In Undead Colors: Blue

The last picture in my Undead Colors collection. It doesn't completely fit in with the other three pictures, so I included it as a kind of bonus picture. The previous three were meant to stand alone, but I kinda liked this one too.
Again, a part of Mandinga / Hasseris gymnasiums Parade at Aalborg Carnival 2017.

In Undead Colors: Green

One of the many beautiful costumes from this years International Carnival Parade at Aalborg Carnival.
The British Carnival group Mandinga Arts had teamed up with Hasseris Gymnasium to create the most amazing and well-executed themes of the entire parade, a Mexican Day of the Dead tribute. 

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