Another Autumn

From time to time I like to do something other than the work I usually do.

I like to keep it simple, not simple as in easy to do, but simple as in without a lot of expensive, advanced equipment.

This time I set out to document the beauty of my favorite season: Autumn. To add further constraints, I added a deadline, a requirement for exactly 16 images that HAD to be in square format, taken with my iPhone and processed in Snapseed. Each image had to be treated in a similar way, so that they would fit together when done.

It was very fun to do this collection and I love each of these little imperfections. Hopefully you will too.
Ladies and gentlemen: Another Autumn

Making a Splash

One of the things I have been trying to “get right” for ages is the dynamic of the ocean and the waves, when you are at the beach. I think this is the closest I have been yet. I think part of the key is to imply motion in the pictures, without making it too abstract (and without getting soaked).

Jet Blast Area

The awesome nozzles of a SU-27 Flanker. When seen from this angle, you realize that the Flanker is more or less a pod carrying a pilot with the wings and two gigantic engines strapped to it.
No wonder the flanker can perform all the crazy maneuvers it is capable of.

Stay away from online negativity

It’s funny how online forums seem to fall into two categories. They are either dominated by a good friendly tone, or by a negative snarky or even close to hateful tone.

I recently experienced a Facebook group for photographers that seemed to be split into a camp that absolutely loathed smartphone pictures and a camp that didn’t care what camera were used to take the picture.

Usually I would side with the camp that didn’t care, but I more or less stayed out of the flame war as it were quite predictable where it would end.

There smartphone loathing crowd started being really rude against any pictures taken with a smartphone, and as it were a Facebook group there were many. And yes, some were bad.

The battle culminated with the exclusion of a group member and a notification from the group admin stating that all kinds of photos taken with all kinds of cameras were allowed.

So far so good.

But it didn’t end there…

Now the smartphone crows started posting pictures like crazy, all being very explicit about the fact that this “wonderful picture” had been taken with a smartphone, seemingly just to rub it in.

That was when I had enough and quit the group.

There is no need to waste any time on a group that promotes negativity instead of positivity. If you experience such negativity, just go away. Leave the group/forum and move on.

Getting involved in a flame war will make you a loser, along with all the other parts involved. Why waste time on that, when instead you could be spending time on forums where you could be contributing in creating a nice friendly environment, where both experienced an new photographers (or members in general) could benefit from each others experiences?

And, for photography forums in general, you should try to be a bit more critical about what pictures you post. Is that latest photo REALLY that great, or is it just you who would like it?
Be prepared for critique, even if you didn’t ask for it.

And always remember that we all are at different skill levels. If someone posts a shitty image, maybe tell the poster WHY it is a shitty image, instead of just stating that it is shitty?


This old sign stood out against the dark trees, in a single light beam from the sun,falling between the trees.
Don’t know why anybody would want to go into the darkness though…

F-16C Block 52+

A Hellenic Air Force F-16 at Danish Airshow 2018.

Even though it is more powerful and has a longer range than the Danish F-16s, I am not sure that I like the aesthetics of the Block 52+. The CTFs along the body makes it a lot less elegant to look at.. But it still has some moves..

Ne Pas Marcher

An incredible elegant looking fighter, the Dassualt Mirage 2000.
Sadly it were only on static display at the Danish Airshow 2018, as I would have loved to see and hear it in the sky.
I got my hands on a Tamron 24-70mm G2 lens a couple of days earlier, and decided to take it along to use as my lens for the static display. This is the first shot with that lens I have posted. The lens seems to be very good, albeit a bit heavy.

SU-27 Flanker

A Ukranian SU-27 Flanker (58 BLUE) during it’s awesome display at Danish Airshow 2018.
It were drizzling and very cloudy, but the Flanker still put up quite a show.
What an amazing and loud bird.


This year I missed out on the annual biker gathering that UIvene MC arranges every year.
The last many years the gathering have been at Aalborg City Syd, but this year they moved it to the waterfront in the heart of Aalborg. I can’t say that I blame them. I suspect they will draw more spectators that way.
I was not aware of the change of location until the same day as the gathering, and were not able to go to the new location, which is a shame, as I usually get a lot of nice pictures of bikes and bikers.
So.. this is an older picture I’ve dug out as a replacement 🙂