D-Noc Photography

Wood Carving

In one of the small tents at the Annual Viking fair at Lindholm Høje, I found this man cutting a traditional Viking dragon in wood.

Viking Brawler

The Instructor and Referee in a Viking game where two boys or men would hold their hands on a ring and then try to wrestle each other so that their opponent lets go of the ring.
Taken at Lindholm Vikingemarked, Denmark.


One of the many very authentic looking characters at the annual Viking market at Lindholm Høje in Denmark this year.
To challenge myself a bit, I shot most of the day with the 85mm lens. It were challenging at times but when it worked out the 85 mm lens really proved at good as expected. I have had it for a while, but never really used it much. It is still not my favorite focal length, but it does perform very well.

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