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A new kind of freedom

I have now posted the first five of the twenty pictures in my Lo-Fi collection, and I must admit that it has been quite a relief to no have to constantly "worry" about what picture to post next time and constantly have to be on the prowl for a new shot.

I originally planned to use the twenty weeks that were planned ahead to go out and shoot without having to feel any pressure, but truth is that I have only been out twice in the first five weeks. It doesn't really bother me though.

First of all because I usually never have a high level of shooting activity this time of year and second because I think I needed the break.

I have been pushing myself a lot during the last five years, and I think I have reached a point where my creativity and engagement had started to crumble under the pressure.

Pressure can be a good thing and I realize that some professionals would probably scuff at how little pressure I could take before my creativity gave in, but luckily I am not a professional nor do I have any aspirations to become a professional.

I am a software developer for a living . Photography is my hobby. The place I go to when I need to relax and experience something that is more creative than technical. With that in mind, it makes no sense to push myself too hard because I have to keep constantly come up with a new picture that is better than anything else I have ever created.

I have been playing with so many other things lately, and now I am beginning to feel the need to go out and experience the world through my camera again, so I truly think the Lo-Fi collection I am currently publishing has been a wise move.

And this leads me to an interesting point, because I usually read about keeping at it and do the work because that is what is required if you want to keep improving. And even though there is some truth in that, I think it is much more important to do what is right for you, instead of what is right for your photography.

Ys, if you want to become a professional, you have to do the work, but if you want to keep seeing photography as a sanctuary, it is much more important only to pursue the next great shot when you feel the need.

After all, all that is in it for me is the pride when I see a photo I have taken that feels right. It does not make me richer financially.. ..or more famous..

Yes, I want to improve. Yes I want to learn more. Yes I want to find my creative vision... ...whenever I feel like it!




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