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Even small things matter

Yesterday a former colleague and fellow photographer wrote on Facebook about how I, four years ago, introduced him to CJ Chilvers manifesto "A lesser photographer" and the ebooks and thoughts of David duChemin and friends from Craft & Vision.

That lead to him reading "A beautiful anarchy" by David duChemin which according to him made him want to, as he says, go all-in with photography.

In no way am I implying that this happens because of me, but I am proud that I have played a tiny part in making him follow this new career and most important it proves to me that this "school" of photography, that teaches skills over gear is really something that works.

It also made me think of how a tiny thing like sharing my passion for the "A lesser photographer" manifesto set this chain of events into action. That is amazing and tells me that you should always share good resources.

I am not interested in going for a pro photography career myself, but I think it is cool when some one want to give it a shot.

I must admit that I haven't read "A beautiful anarchy" yet, but I have bought it. Maybe I should pick it up soon.

CJ Chilvers recently wrote a book based on his thoughts in the manifesto. This book is also called "A lesser photographer". I wrote a review back then, which can be read here (in Danish).


I should get out more

..maybe you should too?

 This episode of Vision Is Better really got me. I am so guilty of doing this. I spend too much time on the theory of photography and too little time on actually going out and take pictures.

This ends now! I have to become much better at just going for a walk with my camera. It doesn't matter if it results in any pictures every time. It will still be valuable practise.

Do you fall into this trap as well? Get outside right now. Bring a camera!!

I know I have been linking to a couple of these Vision Is Better episodes lately, but photography guru David DuChemin just seems to touch on subjects that I can relate to at the moment and when I find something that makes me think or change my ways I just have to share it.. ..or comment on it... ..or both :-)

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